Sharp lines and geometric shapes often succeed in transforming interiors into the most visually striking of spaces, and Antwerp-based label Kabinet Van Look’s passion for precision and creative functionality cannot be overlooked. Led by self-taught founder Jan Van Look, the brand has been making a prominent mark on the Belgian design scene since 2010. Playfully transforming common perceptions of space and depth, the studio creates locally-made, versatile furniture and accessory pieces that aim to optimise home and work environments with eye-catching outlines and robust materials.

WEBSHOP — All of our exclusive designs - furniture and accessories - can be purchased through our webshop. They are made locally in Antwerp, using a thoughtful yet adventurous blend of 'high' and 'low' standard materials that might just stir up your interior... We produce only in small quantities to ensure an exclusive and top-notch result.